Principal's Letters

Principal's Letters
April 17, 2020

Dear Cloverdale Families,

I hope this letter finds everyone safe and healthy. I miss you all very much, and can not wait till next fall to reopen the school and have you back. It seems funny to be saying that in April, but this is our reality. I wanted to reach out to give an update on the happenings around Cloverdale, and some possible plans moving forward. But before I get into it, I want to send my deepest thank you to all parents and families out there right now, for making our lives easier this past four weeks at Cloverdale. I know that life is not easy for you at home, and it speaks volumes of your character in offering us grace and flexibility as we at Cloverdale work through our new distance learning program. We are so blessed to have you as our families. I love that we are finding new ways of connecting and communicating with one another. As we dive deeper into distance learning, I do not know if this is my place to say, and it feels weird saying it, but I think you all need to hear it. I am proud of you. I am so very proud of you at home and what you are doing at home. This is not easy, this is not a simple task. This experience is stretching all of you to great lengths, and I want to say you are doing great! The conversations you all are having with the teachers, the staff and myself are just a glimpse of what you are doing at home. I know you all have had rough days, and know that those will pass, and know that there will be more to come when it comes to educating your kids from home. Continue to trust your instincts and go. Remember that your “home school” will look different than others and that is ok! You got this! We believe in you. I want to continue to offer the invitation to call or email about issues, concerns and needs. We are here to help and support you.

Our staff is working hard, not just in hours, but in having to learn and do new things. I am so proud of them as I am proud of you, and their character is being revealed as well. Their work ethic, compassion, empathy, creativity and dedication are being highlighted daily. We are blessed to have every single one of them. Note that everyone on this campus is stepping up in different ways. Either it is making copies, stuffing pick up bags, making extra lunches, making phone calls, setting up google classrooms, extra cleaning, and creating resources for our students. Along with their “to do” list, they are doing a great job checking in on one another and just being a good friend. It is truly awesome seeing them work together. Reminds me of how “lucky” I am to work in such a great environment.

So this week marked our first week of distance learning. How did it go? I felt that Monday pick up went awesome! We handed out over 200 lunches and 200 breakfasts totally in over 400 meals in one day to our community! Nice job Mrs. Cave and her staff for getting this done and making sure that every kid in the Cloverdale community gets fed! On the topic of lunches, please take advantage of this service daily, these meals are for everyone, and is another way that Cascade is trying to help all families during this time. If your family is having trouble getting to Cloverdale for lunch pick up, please let your teachers know and we can work something out. Lines went much smoother this week, as we adjusted tent location. Next week we will keep the same system, so see you then.

Distance learning is taking the form of two platforms. Either your child is working on a packet or working through their classes google classroom page. To note kindergarten is 100% packet work. I believe that everyone is set up on the system that is working for them. Remember that just because you did online the first couple weeks doesn't mean you can't switch to a packet the next week. Things change and we want to be flexible to your needs at home. Also, teachers and staff should be reaching out to you weekly as we move towards June. When staff connect with you, please be honest with them about your needs. We are here to support.

Our website( looks the same, but I wanted to highlight that we have a new “Distance Learning” tab. If you go to that link there you will find a link to the teacher’s google classroom, as well as a link to the packet. If the packet link is not up it will be located in the google classroom page. Teachers have also begun to clean out their rooms, some have even begun sending things home during Monday pick up. If you haven't heard from your teacher yet, about getting personal items in your desk, they should be reaching out to you in the next couple weeks. If you need something, just give them a call.

That is it for now. We are receiving some questions about what reopening the campus to the public looks like. Right now we have to wait for guidance first from the state, then ODE, and finally the district. Right now the campus is closed to the public, this includes the playground. I miss you all very much and love seeing you at lunch pickups. If you have any questions please let me know. REMEMBER, WE ARE COUNTRY STRONG! Thank you all again.


Bryan Dyer
Principal Cloverdale Elementary
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